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A body is a body among other bodies

Marian Chace


Dmt-ER® was born in psychiatry and has been developed as a community practice. Its ludic active approach is particularly effective in the developmental age, in the psychosocial work and in the training processes.

Dmt-ER® is applied as a complementary resource in different forms of psychopathology: first of all, psychoses, but also mood and anxiety disorders. Used and studied with eating disorders and addictions, it is also applied in psychosomatic disorders and in all conditions where alexithymia and rigid personality traits ask something more than a simple verbal approach.

The attention payed to psychomotor structures and its interactive devices support the application of Dmt-ER® in the rehabilitation of different forms of psychic, physical and sensorial disability, in the first steps of dementia, in behavioral and impulse control disorders. A promising area of ​​application is represented by post-traumatic and abuse conditions. Dmt-ER® is also practiced as a complementary resource in general medicine: in cardiology, in the pre- and post-partum, in oncology.

Dmt-ER®, with its solid relational know-how, is widely used in the educational field, in community development projects, in transculturation processes, in the training of relational skills and in the team- building. Do not forget the artistic universe! It is the matrix of Dmt, but it also can be the stage where Dmt-ER® can develop its potential for the training of actors and dancers, or as a support for music education.

Our society is increasingly torn by fragmentation and anomia, where body is addressed with violence of all kinds: the bodies imprisoned in prisons, the body of female identity robbed and reduced to object, the social body humiliated and subjected in a vacuum of citizenship ... From the micro to the macro-context, performing Dmt-ER® today is also an authentically political act.

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