Dmt-ER® Methodology

Dance Movement Therapy (Dmt), born in the 1940s, today is supported by a solid theoretical and technical background. In Italy, Dmt references are the Law 4/2013 and the UNI Standard 11592:2015. Professional Associations promote the quality of Dmt practices in Italy (APID, ARTE), in Europe (EADMT) and all over the world. Dmt can be used as complementary resource against psychiatric disorders, developmental and involutional disorders, disabilities, on the advice and responsibility of medical doctors and psychologists. Furthermore, Dmt supports educational processes and develops  personal and relational well-being.

Dmt-ER® has been systematized in the 1990s by Vincenzo Bellia. Dmt-ER® promotes the participation of individuals in the group and the evolution of the body image which, in the words of Marian Chace, is "primarily a social creation". Dmt-ER® relaunches the traditional social function of dance: as a matter of fact, dance has been renewing the social bond, nourishing personal and collective well-being, animating healing practices, since the dawn of civilization.

Dmt-ER® main references are the Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies, the Group Analysis and the Expresssion Primitive. But at its core we find dance, that creative play developing each one's identity and enriches the communities, and rhythm, that vital connection between the individual and its world. Here is the fundamental Dmt-ER® intuition: the way of the Self-development always goes through the othe human being.