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A body is a body among other bodies

Marian Chace


Managed by the Association of Social Promotion "Danzare le Origini" - Directed by Vincenzo Bellia M.D.

  • 22 years activity (360 trainees, 172 diplomas awarded)
  • 4 centers in Italy (Rome, Turin, Catania, Naples)
  • 1200 hours three-year program, according to UNI 11592: 2015 italian standard
  • First Level Qualification by FAC CERTIFICA (N. 007)
  • Acknowledgements by ARTE (Professional Association of Art Therapies) and APID (Italian Professional Dmt Association)
  • Agreements with the University of Turin (Medicine), the Universidad Nacional de las Artes of Buenos Aires (Department of Movement Arts), Rakhawy Training and Research Institute of Cairo

Requirements: a three-year degree (or equivalent credits in psychological, social, medical, kinesiological, educational, art fields), 22 years old at least, experience in dance and/or movement disciplines

  • Get an admission interview (also by videoconferencing: please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Fill the Application Form (download pdf), scan and send it with the following documents (download pdf) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Pay the application fee (for not Italian students, in 2020, € 100), by bank transfer to:

A.P.S. Danzare le Origini - Italy: IBAN IT02O0306909606100000157774
(BIC for abroad: BCITITMM)

The application fee includes: annual membership, discounted rates on all activities, insurance, secretarial and web services, access to exams

Amounts and deadlines for subsequent fees (download pdf): each 4 days Training workshop € 280 - Supervision seminars € 70 each

Except for the first admission, annual applications done after December 31 ask a delay fee of € 50


FLS 7519

Gruppo formazione

Our educational philosophy: experiencing, learning, integrating, applying.

The program includes four modules, aimed to the previous goals (download for details).

  • Dmt workshops, in the chosen location or elsewhere (at least 50% with Dmt-ER® professionals)
  • Educational training: 3 intensive theoretical-practical seminars yearly on average (same locations for all students)
  • E-learning for psychological, socio-pedagogical and anatomical-physiological topics
  • Application experiences and supervision in the chosen location

The modular system allows:

  • to acknowledge credits
  • to plan the training in a flexible personal way
  • to choose when and where attending educational activities

The costs depend on the personal planning, how many credits can be acknowledged and the costs of the activities attended out of Italy.

Here the fees for 2020, at the rates reserved to our students:

  • Application fee for foreign students: € 100 (no supervisions included)
  • Training: € 280 training for each 32-hour 4-days intensive workshop
  • Group Supervision: € 70 for every 7-hour one-day supervision
  • Experiential workshops: from 5 to 8 euros per hour (if managed by the School)

For a personalized evaluation, contact directly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMG 0882

Students will attend at least one of the following intensive seminars:

  • Turin 5-8 March: Body Systems in Dmt
  • Rome 26-29 April: Working with Dmt (applications)
  • Rome 30 April - 3 May: Materials and Objects in Dmt-ER®
  • Rome 30 May - 2 June: The Dmt-ER® session and warm-up
  • Catania 2-5 July: Rhythm, Pulsation, Music in Dmt-ER®
  • Rome 17-20 September: Dynamics and shapes of relationship
  • Rome 5-8 December: Group Setting and Group Process in Dmt-ER®

For more details download pdf. More Dmt training workshops will be hold in other countries and in several centers of the School (see “Appuntamenti”)

Students from other schools and other professionals can be admitted to Training Workshops, for research or continuing education purposes

Supervision seminars for 2020: Naples 29 March, Rome 25 April, Turin 8 May, Rome 29 May, Catania 21 June, Catania 25 October, Turin 6 November, Rome 4 December.

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