Directed by Vincenzo Bellia M.D. (Certified DMT, CLMA)

Promoted by the Association of Social Promotion "Danzare le Origini", IAGP affiliate

Managed by the Social Cooperative "Danzare le Origini"

  • 23 years activity (375 students registered, 188 certifications issued), 4 headquarters (Rome, Turin, Catania, Naples)
  • 120 credit three-year Training Program (1200 hours)
  • According to UNI Standard (with first level Qualification by FAC CERTIFICA, N. 007)
  • Acknowledged by ARTE (Professional Association of Art Therapies) and APID (Italian Professional Dmt Association)
  • Agreements with the University of Turin (Departments of Public Health and Humanities), the Universidad Nacional de las Artes of Buenos Aires (Department of Movement Arts), Rakhawy Training and Research Institute (Cairo)

Requirements to apply: bachelor’s degree (or equivalent credits in art, medical, psychological, social, kinesiological, educational fields), experience in dance and/or movement disciplines, 22 years old