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A body is a body among other bodies

Marian Chace

2019 training intensive workshops

Students will attend at least one of the following intensive seminars:

  • Turin 14-17 February (Psycho-Corporeal Structures)
  • Rome 28 April - 1 May (Materials and Objects in the Dmt-ER® setting)
  • Rome 2-5 May (Dmt-ER® session and warm-up models)
  • Catania June 23-26 (Movement Dynamics in Dmt-ER®)
  • Catania 27-30 June (Rhythm, Pulsation, Music in Dmt-ER®)
  • Castrovillari 5-8 September (Dmt-ER® applications)
  • Turin 31 October - 3 November (Group Setting and Group Process in Dmt-ER®)

For more details download pdf. More Dmt Applications seminars will be hold in different locations of the School (see “Appuntamenti”)

Students from other schools and other professionals can be admitted to Training Workshops, for research or continuing education purposes

Supervision groups are active at each location of the School (schedules on the reserved area of this website, accessible to members with personal password)

Students can also attend one or more of the National Supervision Seminars, scheduled for April 27th in Rome, June 22nd in Catania and September 15th in Turin

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