Dmt-ER® has been developed in the nineties by Vincenzo Bellia. It is rooted in Dance Therapy based on Expression Primitive and in the Group Analysis.

The method develops some basic insights of Marian Chace, the first dance therapist. In the forties of the last century, M. Chace wrote that

- Dance Therapy is based on the spontaneous motor response to the rhythmic musical stimulus

- its main purpose is to promote the participation of individuals in the group

- it acts in the processes of (trans)formation of the body image, which is «primarily a social creation».

Dmt-ER® is founded on an artistic matrix. Dance is the most complete form of movement: it gives to actions a symbolical intentionality, through an intrinsically relational creative experience, open to a multiplicity of styles and cultures of the body.

Dmt-ER® considers creativity an interpersonal process, which should not be trivialized in a narcissistic celebration. The relational game is a "creative fiction", whereas the identity of the involved individuals takes shape and transforms in new ways the collective heritage.

Rhythm has a fundamental function as a biological, psychic and relational organizer. On a rhythmic ground the individual harmonizes itself with the outer world. The rhythmic dimension is central for Dmt-ER®, due to the practice and the anthropological matrix of Expression Primitive.

Dmt-ER® has developed specific models of organization of the therapeutic setting, related to the traditional ritual devices and supported by group psychodynamics. Dmt-ER® is fundamentally oriented by a basic intuition, both philosophical and methodological: the path to develop the Self always passes through the other human being.

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